New year, new season, new faces

Two weeks ago we embarked on Poison Ivy's 7th season playing the Millennium Series, but first a little recap of 2013!

Poison Ivy has been around for 9 years, which sounds a little crazy if you ask me. Time has gone by so fast! We have seen many faces come and go on the team, and at times it has felt as we have had to start over again for the 100th time.
Before the 2013 season we all decided to stop the all the b*** shit and get our act together. You can't really complain about not winning if you're not doing what it takes to actually get win....right?
It felt so good to be on a team where everyone was on the same page, and had the same goal!
And 2013 turned out to be a pretty good season for us! We started off with a 2nd place at the Ladies Cup in Moscow, this was ofcoarse not the placing we were hoping for.. and it showed us that we weren't quite where we needed to be yet.
During the off-season we brought in Magued Idris, the former coach of Joy Division, to help us with the mentality on the team both on and off the field. He also joined us for the first leg off the Millennium Series in Puget, where we finished 6th. Having him with us really helped, and he made us realize that
we were on the right track.
Througout the season we continued to grow as a team(more than we have done in years) and when we finished 2nd in Bitburg it was like we understood that this was where we actually belonged, and we started believing it.

We ended on a 4th place overall in the Millenium Series 2013, with the same score as number 3... I have to admit that the girls were crushed after missing out on playing SPL2 with only one point..and ar one point I didn't know how we would come back from it.. But we did, and here we are!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
-Winston Churchill

Lots have happened during the offseason. Losing our twins was (and still is) a though pill to swallow, and we miss them a lot, but I guess it is like they say; nothing last forever and eventually you just have to move on? 
This year we are happy to welcome Josepha Gurefi and Marie Magnusson to the team, and who knows.. maybe we have some other surprises in store during the season! ?

2014 Roster:

Silje Eriksen
Linda M.Graue
Cecilia Rickardsson
Marie Magnusson
Josepha Guerfi
Benedicte Rønneberg (Captain)

2014 -  1st leg of the Millennium Series

We started of the weekend with a short, but sweet training at Starter Park in Marseille (thank Parra :) ). That field is about two hours away from the Millennium site and we were pretty beat after finnaly finding our so called "Villa" at the Oasis Villages..
Luckily, we had late games on Friday! On Friday we got our brand new gear from DYE paintball, and we were able to check out some games, walk the field and create some gameplans before our games started.
Silje had an exam on Friday and was flying in at Friday night, which meant that we were only 5 players for the first two games on Friday.

The first game was against Bad Boys 2, and we won 3-2 after some long points. Later on Friday we met Barcelona Addiction and unfortunately we lost that game 2-3.
The last game in the preliminaries was against Pautina Moscow, which we also lost 2-3.. We thought that we would be out after two losses, but because if close matches we actually ended as number 2 in our group and making it to Sunday!

In the Picture above you see Cece running back to the startgate after starting early when the buzzer on the field next to ours startet only seconds before the one on our Field.
BUT we still made it out 5 alive of the break! Thanks to RSH for caputring this moment! 

On Sunday we had the first game bright and early against Lions PB Martigny, but being unable to perform when it counts, we lost the game 2-1 when the time ran out.

Looking back at the event we realize that we're still not where we want and need to be. It's seems like we are still adjusting to being a ''new team'' again, and everyone is trying to find their place on the field and on the team.. BUT we know that we are better than we showed in Puget, and we know what we need to do to improve our game. 
 During all our games over the weekend , the time ran out... We need to get back to where we were in Germany last year, when we played fast and aggressive points and we all had the confidence and believed that we were good enough to win the whole thing.
That is what separates the winners from the losers, who believes and who wants it the most.

From here we can only move up, and that is what we intend to do! We know we have the talent and the determination to get where we want to go. The next leg of the Millennium Series in only a month away..! Time to get back to business.

We would also like to give big THANK YOU to our amazing sponsors:
DYE paintball, for providing us with the best gear on the marked including; i4's, DM14, C14 jerseys and Rotor and more.
Safer Paintball for our custom Poison Ivy airbottles. RSHmedia for the best media exposure we could ever ask for, CTWPP. Rockstar for making our lives a lot easier, Sniperpaintball and PBgear in Drammen for an awesome place to train during the cold winter months in Norway.
QU for our awesome wallets and keychains made from real cow leather for Argentina, making us look awesome!

Last but not least a big thank you to everyone who helped us out during the weekend, especially Drammen Solid and Marseille Vision! We really appreciate it!

xoxo - P.I


For the rest of the Pictures head over to RSH media on facebook:

Campaign Cup, Basildon 2013

A wake up call

It's been almost a month since the 3rd leg of the millennium series event in Basildon, and we have had some time to think about the event and what actually happened. So here it is;

We all arrived in England wednesday the 3rd of July, excited, prepared and ready for the weekend. We had scheduled practice Thursday morning with a fellow all female team from Englang, the Celtic Banshees, at Brickedwood and was looking forward to that. During the practice we did mostly breakout drills and felt that we got to know the field a little better.

As some of you might know the London event isn't always blessed with good weather, but this time it looked like the sun was gonna be out all weekend.

We started the event in good Poison Ivy tradition with a 3-2 loss against GFY Evolution Paris. After shaking of that loss we played another french team and a another all female team Paris Camp Lady Carnage and won 2-1. On Saturday we had the final game in the prelims against Manchester Firm 2 which we won 3-2.
This meant we would make it through to the S U N D A Y   C L U B  for the 3rd time this year. After our game we headed over to the DYE-booth for our team signing with London Nexus, Comin At Ya and TonTons.. (We know..pretty crazy..) We're honored that Dye thinks this highly of us, and we're surprised that anyone actually came over to our table and wanted our signature! So to everyone who showed up, THANK you!!

(Thanks to Ricardo for this picture:

Bright and early Sunday morning we had our game in the last 16's against Dispora Vilnius. After the original game time was over the score was 2-2, which ment overtime.
We ended up actually playing two points in the overtime as one of the girls ended up in a 3 on 1 and managed to trade with the last player on Dispora. Unfortunantly during the last point the field next to ours started within our 10 seconds which led to a prestart on both sides, but the refs was only paying attention on our side( yeah yeah... excuses excuses...) Anyway we lost the game 3-2... This meant the end of the event for us...

Before the event we had high expectations to ourselves and was sure we were going to make it all the way again, so you can  imagine our dissapointment after not making it any further. Getting to Sunday is not something we're just hoping for anymore, its something we expect. Anyone who has ever made it to Sunday knows that this is when the tournament actually begins. The few teams that make it to the top are the teams that are able to reset their minds and play as this was a whole new tournament, in a way you have to be able to forget all about the wins you did during the prelims.
Unfortunatly this was something we were not able to do this time. We seemed to lack the focus and determination that we have had during the previous events. This is also shown by our results during the weekend, 3 games going in to OT and time running out on one.... not good enough..

On the bright side we did have a pretty good score compared to some of the others who got through to sunday, so with only one other team finishing above us in the last 16's, we ended on a 10th place. Luckily with this finish we didnt fall too far on the over all ranking, and we are still ranked in the top as number 3 in div 2 with the possibility of moving up to div 1 next year!
This means that we have to work our butts of the next month.We have set a goal this year, to reach division 1, and we will reach that goal as long as we stay focused and keep on doing what we have been doing so far this year.

In a way this might be a good thing. Finishing 10th has given us a bit of a wake up call and we are more determinded than ever to make it all the way.
We are hungry for the win, and to prove that we really are the best female team right now, and the best team in our division.

 Thanks to all our amazing sponsors for all their love and support!
DYE paintball for our awesome gear, including Dye Reflex Markers and DM13's, i4 Goggle Systems, Dye ROTOR Loaders and the Dye CG paint.  
RSHmedia for the best media coverage in the world of paintball, claim the world.
Our home field, Sniperpaintball in Drammen, for letting us use their awesome indoor reball center (almost) whenever we want. Last but not least Rockstar energydrink Without you we wouldn't be where we are today!
Show them some love:
DYE Paintball: ,  @dyepaintball
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-RSHmedia: ,  @rshmedia
-Rockstar: @rockstarenergy

Thanks to Knut for being our coach in the pit during the weekend. And thanks to everyone else who helped us out during the weekend, you know who you are and we love you guys <3 Last but not least, thanks to all of you that belive in us and supports us. We couldnt do this without you..!

DYE did an interview with us in London, along with other DYE teams such as Drammen Solid ( and Comin At Ya (
Check it out on YOUTUBE: 
go to to read all about the different DYE teams around the world!

 ps. Did you know that we're on instagram? Follow @teampoisonivy to see all the wierd stuff we do!


Paris here we come!!


xoxo P.I

European Masters 2013

Only a month after the Mediterranean Cup we were eager and ready for the next Millennium in Bitburg, Germany. After a 6th place we felt that we had proven to ourselves that we can reach our goal continuing the hard work and dedication within the team. So that's exactly what we continued doing. 
In addition to paintball most of the girls on the team are students, and May is the busiest month with final exams coming up.  However, that doesn't stop us. In preparing for the European Masters in Bitburg we got in several reball practices, and one NPL event (Norwegian Paintball League) and one outdoor paintball practice, so we felt well prepared.
We all agreed that the nations cup was going to be mostly for fun, and that our focus should stay with our team (Poison Ivy) and our common goal to reach the top.

 Finally we arrived in Germany with high confidence that this is our tournament.
Our first meeting with Germany was the bad weather and the rain pouring down; it was raining so bad that we had difficulty seeing the road in front of us. But when we arrived in Bitburg, the sun came out as ordered. Thursday consisted of registration, scheduling, field-walk, dinner, and making game plans.

Friday: The first thing we had to do this morning was to get in the car and pick up our last player Benedicte at the airport. She had her final exam on Thursday, but that did not prevent her from attending the tournament anyway. The pickup went smooth and of to the field we went.


First game was at 2:10 pm against Scalp ME Saulx les Chartreux 3, and in good Poison Ivy tradition we lost 0-3..which was pretty annoying. Next up was at 3:30 pm against another all-female team, Paris Camp Lady Carnage, we won that game 4-0 and felt that we were back on track. The day as Poison Ivy finished with one win and one lose. The five norwegian girls on the team played three more games that day as the Norwegian national team. They finished up pretty late, so all we had time for was a "quick" dinner and then straight to bed.

Saturday: One more game in the preliminaries at 10 am against Nancy Armada. We won 4-1 which placed us as #1 in our group, and moved us on to the important Sunday club. 
The Norwegian national team also played two more games this day, and ended up winning the whole thing, and became European Champions 2013! The girls were on fire!



Sunday club: Once again we managed the first step in to the tournament, now the real fun was about to start. First up this rain full day was the last-16 game against Orphans Dolgoprudny. Won 4-2 and made it to the quarter finals. By winning this game we had to play the next game against our friends and fellow Norwegians; Rebels Borgerskogen, who we consider to be a really good team. We knew that this game was not going to be easy, and only one of us could make it to the semi-finals.. We surprised ourselves (and others..) by winning convincingly 3-1. And for the first time in the history of Poison Ivy we had actually made it past the evil quarter finals at the Millennium and moved on to the semi finals!!! In the semi's we met Lucky 15s Staffordshire, which proved to be a difficult match where we went on to overtime.. It ended with another win for us, 3-2. This meant FINALS!
The final we lost against a really good team Durham DV8 0-4. It was no doubt who deserved that first place. They proved better than us. Congratulations to Durham DV8 for taking 1st place!  You guys deserved it! 



When looking back at the tournament and our performance we are SO proud of how far we have come this year. Nothing is better than getting results when you work as hard as we have done this year. Because of the 6th place in France and now the 2nd place in Bitburg we are currently ranked 2nd in the overall ranking of 2013 at the Millennium :)

Second place is good, but for us nothing is good enough before we reach all the way to the top. So London watch out! Poison Ivy is hungry for revenge ;-)

A lot of people to thank, so here we go:

Our amazing sponsors!!  DYE paintball for providing us with amazing gear, including Dye Reflex Markers AND Dye DM13's, i4 Goggle Systems, Dye ROTOR Loaders and the awesome Dye CG paint.
RSHmedia for the best media coverage in the world of paintball, you guys are awesome! Claim the world ? Play paintball!
Our home field, Sniper paintball in Drammen, for letting us uses their awesome indoor reball center whenever we want. Last but not least Rockstar energydrink! 


A huge shout out to our pit-coach Knut, thank you for helping us out during the weekend!
And thanks to everyone else who helped us out in the pit or with other things during the weekend, you know who you are and we love you <3
Last but not least, thanks to all of you that belive in us and supports us. We love you too <3


Mediterranean Cup 2013

After what seemed to be an everlasting off-season we finally set aim for the French Riviera and the first millennium-event of 2013. And this time we actually had 6 Ivy girls with us;  Silje, Linn, Pia, Linda, Cecilia and Benedicte.  
After a pre-start of the season in Russia one month ago which was a good test for the team, we felt pumped and ready for the season to really kick off.  We are confident beacuse we have put in a lot of hours of paintball practice during the off-season. Because we live where we do we hadn't had any opportunity to actually play on the whole field before the event, so we were pretty excited for our training session on Thursday evening.

We arrived in Nice and managed pretty quickly to pack the girls and all our bags into the car. Then we asked a very nice young man at the car rental-service to help us with the GPS, "No problem" said the young fellow, but what he forgot to  mention was that he so kindly decided to save us some money and sent us out on a route that avoided the toll roads. This probably doesn't sound too bad, but the drive which should have taken us 40 minutes ended up taking over 2 hours and we actually had to stop and get something to eat.. Just sayin..



When we finally found the little town we were staying in, and found our awesome 4 star hotel, we got so excited that we each had our own bathrobes that we immediately put them on.. Haha.. We're not really used to fancy stuff on  Then we set out to find the site which was easier said than done, but Britt helped us almost all the way there, and we made it just in time for our training session. Oh, by the way, we forgot to introduce you to Britt. Our friendly GPS.
Can't say it was a great practice for us and it didn't boost our confidence, but we got to play on the field and figured out what didn't work, and what might work.


Moving on to the event..
During Thursday we got our schedule and found out that we were meeting another girls team, our socalled "rivals" Fat Ladies Charms.
It was pretty awesome when we started the preliminaries against them and lost 4-0.... (Congrats boys and girls. Well played!).To sum it up: they played good, and we didn't.
After that game we sat down and talked about the game, changed some stuff and decided to start over. We focused on the next task at hand,  our next game against Marseille Icon 2. Everyone who has played the Millennium-series for a few years knows of that name, and we knew we were up against a good team. But apparently the talk we had after our first game worked and we ended up winning 3-1.

Last game in the prelims was against Kingsize Berlin and we won that game 3-0.
BUT even though we had two wins we couldn't celebrate just yet, because 3 teams in our group had 2 wins!  And we placed as number 3 in our group!
After a couple of agenizing hours our awesome coach Magued brought the good news that we were the last team to make it through to the Sunday club!!! LUCKYLOOSERS FTW!

We were really excited, not just because we made it to Sunday, but because all the Norwegian teams made it to Sunday!

Our game in the last 16 was against the Russian team
Tyumen Spectrand, they gave us a good fight, but we finally won 3-2.
Just the fact that we won this game shows the change in our team, as we have had a huge problem with being able to handle the "pressure" of the Sunday earlier.
Next we met the French team
Elite Ile d Oleronand lost 3-0... Guess this is where the pressure got to us! What made the loss a bit better was that Elite went on to take 1st.  Congrats guys!


As for us, we ended up placing 6th out of 27 teams, and we were and still are very proud of our performance and we are happy with that result! For now. Let's just say it's a good start...

Looking back at the event we see a definite change in the team from previous years.. the way we think, how united we are as a team and as friends, and of how we act as a team. We're still the same old Poison Ivy, just a new and improved version.
We set some goals together this year that we are certain we will reach if we stay on the same path that we are on now. Next up is even more practice, and not only with reballs, but also with paintball. The outdoor training is about to kick off here in Norway.
Our amazing sponsors:  
DYE paintball for our awesom
e gear, including Dye Reflex Markers, i4 Goggle Systems, Dye ROTOR Loaders and the Dye CG paint. 
RSHmedia for the best media coverage in the world of paintball, claim the world.
Our home field, Sniperpaintball in Drammen, for letting us use their awesome indoor reball center (almost) whenever we want. Last but not least Rockstar energydrink 
Without you we wouldn't be where we are today!

A huge shout out to our coach Magued, thank you for putting up with our drama and pointing us in the right direction. Thanks to Knut for being our coach in the pit during the weekend.
Stio and Fredrik from Drammen Solid, thanks for helping us with our practices during the off-season, you guys are the best. And thanks to everyone else who helped us out during the off-season, or in the pit in France, you know who you are and we love you <3 Last but not least, thanks to all of you that belive in us and supports us. We love you to <3

Until next time...


xoxo P.I 


From Russia with LOVE

After almost 8 years of playing paintball it was finally time for us to attend a tournament with just girls, the Arena Moscow Girls Cup.
We all had our different thoughts of how this was going to be, but we were super excited to find out and to finally meet the girls of paintball!

We arrived VERY early Thursday morning, so we slept in for a bit and then went for lunch, but nobody spoke english which made it a bit difficult to order.. After lunch we went back to the arena and got our gear ready for practice later in the arena. We were very happy that we were able to practice on the field so that we could get a feel of the layout, and to actually play paintball (not reball)  together as a team for the first time this season.

After a quick welcome from the owner of the arena and Ekaterina one of the organizers, the event started and the season had begun. 
We had the first game of the event and started with a win against Germany, next up we lost against Valkyrie and then won against Headshot girls. This meant that we made it through the prelims as number two in our group, and was in the ''Sunday club'', which in this case was on Saturday.

From the left: Cecilia, Linn, Pia, Benedicte, Linda and Silje

After a good night sleep, we walked the field again and decided to change a few things on our gameplan.
Our first game was against Datis, and after some really long points we ended up winning the game with 4 seconds left in overtime.
Next we won against MaRussia, and the last game was against our good friend Celtic Banshees from England. It seemed like we had decided that this was our day and we won our last game against Banshees as well. 3 wins placed us as number 1 in our group!!! And then we had to wait and see who we were playing in the semifinals.

In the semifinal we won against Germany, and we were ready to play the final against Valkyries.... And as you probably know already we lost the final against Valkyries. Congratulations to Russian Valkyries who took 1st place in div 1!


When we look back at the weekend and the event we are proud of what we achieved as a team and we are very happy with the result, even though we would have loved to bring the gold with us back.
Second place is a great result, and an awesome way to start off our season! Hopefully this gives us an idea of what's in store for us this year! In a way this proved for us that what we have been working so hard for during the off-season actually have payed off.

Finally we would like to thank our fantastic sponsors! Thanks to DYE paintball for our awesome gear and our brand new Reflex'  and for having a tech at the event, thanks to RSHmedia for the best media coverage in the world of paintball, we cant wait to see what you guys are going to produce during this season!
We also have to thank Sniperpaintball in Drammen and of course Rockstar.
Last but not least, thanks to everyone who helped us out during the event, you know who you are ;)

oh... and whoever put liquid soap in our playing shoes... Thanks, it totally worked...!



xoxo- Poison Ivy

Check out this video from the the tournament at YouTube -->!

Cecilia Rickardsson #68

1)Tell us a little bit about yourself ..
My name is Cecilia I am 28 years old and from Sweden.  I work with elderly, I take care and make sure that our old people have everything they want and need in their days. Not a dream job but it`s a job and they are very sweet and off course they provide my biggest interest Paintball! So I am thankful.  Well I don`t have much free time sense I work a lot but I am very interested in gym training, fitness.

2)When did you start to play paintball and why did you get hooked?
I first tried with my x boyfriend in Canada in 2010 I think it was, and the first day I stepped on that field i got hooked. Then it was the adrenalin but now it is so much more it`s like a family. The paintball "life" is my real deal, I love it so much. It makes me feel complete, like a missing puzzle piece was found and put on right place. It calms me down. Usually I am climbing walls but when I`m around paintball I get peaceful, it takes me down on earth again. 

3)How is to play sport so dominated by men?
I love it! Guys are usually easy to be around and straight up. And that`s one thing that I really love with paintball that guys and girls play on the same terms. We are all out there for the same things we love the game, the adrenalin and off course we all have the same goal to win! And I believe you become a better and stronger player and team with a tougher resistance.

4)What is your best paintball memory?
Well the best is probably last year in Moscow Russia when I played for FL Charms and we took 1st place in ladies cup, which was pretty epic. What a boost.  And the feeling when they called out our name and we got the trophy. Very cool.  

5)How do you think it would be to play the Millennium Series again?
It`s only my second year at Millennium, and my first with Poison ivy, and it`s going to be awesome to get back out there. I really like Millennium series. And I am ready to fight hard with Ivy. 

6)What is your future goal in paintball?
My goal is to keep climbing, I want to the top. I wanna build a strong team that play hard and win! I wanna be a talent paintball player that one day can inspire others to fight for what they want and to really believe that they can reach anything they want with hard work.

7)Whom do you want to thank in paintball and why?
Well I wanna thank my old trainer Pontus Rulander for teaching me everything he knows, and helped me grow as a player. And to Lars Dahlen at Wizeguy paintball for always giving me a confidence boost and making me believe in myself as a paintball player.

8)What do you think Poison Ivy needs to do to achieve a podium spot at the Millenniums?
Have regular trainings together so we can bond and build a strong team, build confidence and trust in each other. Learn how all our players play there games. Communicate on the field. Play as a team and not as individual players. Trust and believe in your team and teammates. And off course have fun.

9)What do you think Poison Ivy will achieve in 2013 season and why?
I just started playing for Poison ivy but I really have big hopes and really believe in this team. I really think 2013 is our year. The girls are very dedicated and so am I. I think it will be a perfect match. This year we wanna reach the top, we are going to show that we are not just a bunch of girls but a kickass team as well, that deserve the podium stand and the respect as a strong team.

Benedicte Rønneberg #9

1)Tell us a little bit about yourself ..
My name is Benedicte, I`m currently the captain of Poison Ivy.  I`m 25 years old and I live in Oslo, Norway.  I study business administration and I have 6 months left on my bachelor degree, I work part time at a debt collection agency. I don`t really have time for much besides school, work and paintball, but whenever I have some spare time I love to hang out with friends and family.

2)When did you start to play paintball and why did you get hooked?
I started to play paintball in 2005, and I was actually one of the creators of Poison Ivy. I can`t really explain why I got hooked on this sport; I just fell completely in love with the speed of the game, the people and the whole environment. I feel very lucky because I have had the opportunity to play the game that I love and travel the world with my best friends for the last 7 years. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn`t change a thing. 

3)How is to play in a sport so dominated by men?
It?s great! We get to compete at the same level as them! And we get to shoot them :P hehe..
There`s really no other sport where women and men play against each other.

4)What is your best paintball memory?
My best paintball memory? Not really sure.. Probably when we won the first tournament we ever attended. CPA in Copenhagen in 2005, that was a lot of fun. We didn`t even have jerseys, just some homemade sweaters with our team name on, and we had to borrow the guns and all the equipment.   

5)How do you think it would be to play the Millennium Series again?
I can`t wait to play the millennium series again.. I think we needed a break from it to realize how much we love the series and everyone involved in it! 

6)What is your future goal in paintball?
My future goal is that my team actually gets recognized as the best female team in the world. And that we reach the goals we have set together.. I think there is too much focus on individual players and not so much on what a team can do. One player can`t win a game or a tournament alone, the team wins! It`s a team sport?  

7)Whom do you want to thank in paintball and why?
 I would like to thank everyone who has supported us and believed in us for the last 7 years! All our coaches and all our former team mates! I would like to thank Sniper paintball, without them we wouldn`t exist. I would like to thank our main sponsor for the last 5 years; Dye paintball , thanks for making sure we have had the best gear on the marked and for believing in us. I would also like to thank my girls My teammates, for making every trip such a blast and for sticking with this team and for believing in us!

8)What do you think Poison Ivy needs to do to achieve a podiumspot at the Millenniums?
 For us to achieve a podium spot this year we have to work hard consistently and focus on our game. We know that we are good enough; we just have to do our best all the time and work together as a team!

9)What do you think Poison Ivy will achieve in 2013 season and why?
I think we can achieve anything we set our minds to! I think this season will be a good season for us. It all depends on how much we want it and how hard we work to get there. I  have a feeling its gonna be a good year for Poison Ivy


//Pictures borrowed by RSH Media and ML kings paintballteam

Karoline Seheim #7

1)Tell us a little bit about yourself ..
My name is Karoline Seheim. I am 25 years old and live in Oslo, Norway. I study psychology and will be done this spring. I work at a mental hospital with people who have double diagnosis; schizophrenia and substance abuse. My other interest is music, hanging out with my friends and traveling.

2)When did you start to play paintball and why did you get hooked?
I started playing paintball December 2011, so I have been playing for about a year now. All the girls on Poison Ivy are my best friends, so I started to come with them on the millennium to support them. When I had been doing that for about a year, I figured out I just had to try playing. My first tournament was in California on Huntington Beach in March 2012, and it was awesome! I´ve been playing ever since and I love it

3)How is to play a sport so dominated by men?
It´s really cool! The guys always think they´re going to win, so it is an extra good feeling when we beat the hell out of them! And of course; if we suck in a tournament; at least we get ?The most beautiful team? award! No kidding?

4)What is your best paintball memory?
My best paintball memory is going to California to play paintball on the beach! It was amazing. The sun was shining, people were smiling, it was my first tournament and we were there to play paintball! We always have so much fun on the tournaments. It is fantastic to be able to travel so much through a year with your best friends and playing paintball and just have fun!   

5)How do you think it would be to play the Millennium Series again?
The millennium series is always fun. To see all the teams again and come back to the same place as we have played before. They have a good and well-organized program, and it is always exiting to see whom we are playing against.  

6)What is your future goal in paintball?
My future gold in paintball is to get better. I want to be a good player, including cooperating and engineering.  I still have this tunnel vision I want gone, so practice a lot and have fun! 

7)Whom do you want to thank in paintball and why?
First of all, I want to thank my awesome teammates who got me started playing paintball! Without them, the sport wouldn´t be that fun. And they are good coaches! And of course our main sponsor DYE for their support.

8)What do you think Poison Ivy needs to do to achieve a podiumspot at the Millenniums?
Poison Ivy needs to exercise more, which we are. We have alot of practice scheduled so if we manage that, I am sure we will win the whole tournament!

9)What do you think Poison Ivy will achieve in 2013 season and why?
Poison Ivy will win the whole Millennium this year! Why? Because everyone is agreed that this is our year and we will do everything to get there!

Pictures borrowed by Hybrid Foto 

Silje Eriksen #22

1)Tell us a little bit about yourself ..
My name is Silje, im 25 years old and is a fulltime marketingstudent. Beside school, work and paintball I dont have a life (lucky to have both family and almost all my best friends in paintball) :D

2)When did you start to play paintball and why did you get hooked?
I started back in 2005 after working for the Norwegian masters. Guess I got hooked because of the fun we had togheter as friends. I have only danced as a kid so I really liked the team aspect of the sport.  

3)How is it to play in a sport so dominated by men?
I love the fact that we play a sport so dominated by men. Not only is it awesome to shoot guys I also think its super cool to play in a sport and at the same level as the guys. Maybe we have to work a bit harder on some aspects but that makes it even more awesome to succeed.

4)What is your best paintball memory?
Think the best memory is the first months we played paintball. We went to Snipers paintballcenter 4-5 times a week and had so much fun. 

5)How do you think it would be to play the Millennium Series again?
Im sooo freakin` exited to play the Millenniums again!!! Yes, its expensive as hell and yes the level varies a lot in div 2 but I know Poison Ivy has a big potential and with the amount of practice we have planned to do I know we can do it!

6)What is your future goal in paintball?
My goal in paintball is to prove them haters wrong. We can do it, without boys!

7)Whom do you want to thank in paintball and why?
I want to thank the guys at DYE paintball, Drammen Solid and Sniper paintball the most. They have from day one helped us on practices and at tournaments- thank you!!!

8)What do you think Poison Ivy needs to do to achieve a podium spot at the Millenniums?
We need to practice alot of paintball and play against the best. After 7 years our technique is good, we just need more confident and player-experience. Finally we also have a good and dedicated roster.

9)What do you think Poison Ivy will achieve in 2013 season and why?
Well, I think my goal will be reached this year. I have never seen my team this eager and exited. Our new players and our coaches in Norway and at the Millenniums will also be a big help!

//pictures borrowed by RSH Media and Hybrid foto

Linn Askevold #11

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself ..
My name is Linn Askevold, 25 years old, and i"m about to finish the last semester of my bachelor degree in International studies. Apart from playing paintball and hitting the books I work part time at a news paper. My position at the newspaper is in customer service. In my spare time I love spending time with my family, friends and my boyfriend. Otherwise I don't do a whole lot since paintball consumes my life, hehe.

2) When did you start to play paintball and why did you get hooked?
I started playing paintball back in 2005. Their were two main people that got me involved with paintball. The first being my teammates brother Christopher Ronneberg and the other is an employee of our local field named Mats. The introduction took place at a Norwegian paintball event which I was attending as a helper selling concessions. I saw the excitement and great atmosphere at the event and was compelled to try it on my own. Once I had a chance to play myself I was hooked!!

3) How is to play sport so dominated by men?
It's a sport that is mostly played by males but definitely not dominated by males. It is true that the majority of players are males but the women that do represent the sport are talented and hungry to get better just the same as the males involved.

4) How do you think it would be to play the Millennium Series again?
I am so excited to play all the Millennium Series again. This year really feels like our year! We have a stronger team after a season building the team up with some new players and we all are hungry to win ! I think it will be great to be back for all the events this year, Millennium Series definitely know how to organize an event

5) What is your future goal in paintball?
For the future I want to keep improving my self as a player and be as aggressive as i can and see my team become the best all female team out there. I plan to help take Poison Ivy to the next level and win many events this year. I also plan to stay in good health in order to stay in the game as long as possible. As paintball truly is my passion and I love the sport and the amazing experiences it brings.

6) Whom do you want to thank in paintball and why?
There are so many people to thank in paintball, first up our first coach Mats. He really taught us the basics of paintball and never to forget to have fun. Chris and all the guys on team Solid, old and new players. Solid is a team that has constantly been there for us, helping us out whenever they could and they have become some of our very good friends in the process. Huge thanks to DYE Precision and Sniper paintball for always having faith in Poison Ivy and all the great support. The list goes on and their are so many people that should be credited for our success but i cant include everyone but you know who you are!

7) What do you think Poison Ivy will achieve in 2013 season and why?
For my team to get on the podium during a Millennium Series event we need to work harder then we ever have before, both on and off the field. We are on our way and I have no doubts that we can do it.

8) What do you think Poison Ivy will achieve in 2013 season and why?
I believe that Poison Ivy will be on the podium this year since every one has the same passion and are working hard to achieve our main goal this year. Which is winning a Millennium event!

//Pictures borrowed by RSH Media and Hybrid Foto

Linda Graue Måkestad #6


1)      Tell us a little bit about yourself ..

I?m 19 years old and from Norway. Now I work with children, but going back to school when I am done with my child and youth worker education. I got other interest than paintball, I can often be found at the gym working out while listening to the music that I love.



2)      When did you start to play paintball and why did you get hooked?

I started playing in 2010, so this is my third season. I god hooked cause I got to compete against guys and shot them.



3)      How is to play sport so dominated by men?

I like playing in a male dominated sport, but it can be hard cause all of the prejudices.

4)      What is your best paintball memory?

To win a gold medal in the Norwegian series



5)      How do you think it would be to play the Millennium Series again?

I have only played 1 millennium before, and the was London In 2012. But I though it was a great tournament and cant wait to play the whole series


6)      What is your future goal in paintball?

I want to get as good as I can get, and I know that is to become one of the best female players.



7)      Whom do you want to thank in paintball and why?

I want to thank Poison Ivy for letting me on the team and our main sponsor Dye!



8)      What do you think Poison Ivy needs to do to achieve a podium spot at the Millenniums?

More practice, more efficient practice and to be 100% focused before and on tournaments.

9)      What do you think Poison Ivy will achieve in 2013 season and why?

1 or more podium places.



//Pictures borrowed by Photomonkey and Hybrid Foto


Pia Askevold #13




Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I a
m 25 years old and come from Oslo, Norway. My main interest in life is of course paintball, friends and family. I do, however, have a life besides paintball. Believe it or not :P My second life consists mostly of school and work. I finished my Bachelor degree in organization and management spring 2012, and have moved on to a Master's degree in Strategy and Competence Management. I work as much as I can manage beside of school to afford playing paintball and to still live my second life. Other interests is surprisingly, (for a Norwegian) skiing, both downhill and cross country, and exercising both cardio and strength. And I also like a good party or two ;)


When did you start to play paintball and why did you get hooked?
I started to play paintball autum 2005 when I was a part of founding Poison Ivy. Since we were a group of really good friends it was not difficult to get hooked. I think though, that it was after our first tournament (also first time playing with paint and not reball) in Denmark when we managed 1st place in division 3 I really, really got hooked. The reason I got hooked is easy to describe as it was the feeling and combination of adrenaline, achievement, cooperation, communication and the progress of getting better in something. All this together with my best friends! Further on, it is also thanks to the paintball community around the world that is contributing to making paintball into something I just simply LOVE!

How is it to be a woman and play in a sport dominated by men?
When I first started playing paintball at an all-girls team we got some comments and "looks" that can best describes in my opinion as a way of not showing a paintball player respect, which means that a lot of teams did underestimate us big time. As the paintball community is not very large it didn`t take long before the comments and looks disappeared. At my point of view I think it`s fun to play against guys. The reason is that as male/female we do have different qualities and skills and it is a key to find these differences and to make it an advantage.  I also think that it is a positive contribution to the community to have more girls in the sport. Last, I cannot deny that it`s also a bit fun to see some of the guy`s faces when they lose to an all-girls team ;)

What is your best paintball memory?
This is a very difficult question because I do have sooo many good memories from all of the trips and tournaments I`ve been to with my team. All the people we have met, all the places we have visited, all the tournaments and all the paintball playing is altogether a great memory that is still growing bigger every season. The best feeling on the field tough is every time we take a point and I really feel that this is something we achieved together as a team, and knowing I was contributing to that. Sorry for not being more specific in my `best paintball memory`, but as mentioned it is difficult to say one specific moment out of them all. 


How do you think it would be to play the Millennium-Series again?
I think it will be great to play Millennium-series again. The difference now is that we are really going all in and we all have a common goal on the team, which is to place 1
ST in div 2.


What is your future goal in paintball?
My individual future goal is to be a much better paintball player, and by that, contribute to winning tournaments with my team. To be a better paintball player I think it`s essential to not only attend paintball practices, but also do exercising besides of that in form of cardio and strength.

Whom do you want to thank in paintball and why?
First of all I will thank Mats who was our first coach, and the one that is the reason why team Poison Ivy exist. He contacted us seven years ago and asked if we would be interested in trying to play paintball and maybe start an all-girls team. Further I want to direct a huge thank you to Lars Andersen and Christopher Rønneberg on the team Drammen Solid for being our coaches and for giving us good advices through seven years. This year we are so lucky that we have three coaches that are helping us which are Rønneberg, Stian Olaussen and Fredrik Guldbrandsen. Thank you! Also, I would like to thank all of our sponsors, especially Dye! Without you we would never have had those opportunities we have been given all these years. A huge thank you to all of my team mates, all of those who help us at tournaments and everyone else in the paintball community around the globe. Without you, paintball would never been what it is!

What do you think Poison Ivy needs to do to achieve a podium spot at the Millennium?
Paintball practice, exercising, paintball practice, exercising, paintball practice, exercising, and prioritizing practice and exercising! Nothing comes for free!


What do you think Poison Ivy will achieve in 2013 season and why?
We will manage our goal to be best in our division because we have never been this hungry and motivated before. How? We have a plan and we intend to stick to it. You will never have seen us as you will in 2013! Stay tuned ;-)




 //pictures borrowed by; Hybrid Foto and Freak photography

































World Cup Asia 2012

They did it again! Paintball World Cup Asia was, like last year, awesome!  
This was for sure the highlight of 2012 for us, and we feel so lucky that we were able to attend it for the 2nd year in a row!
Because of personal reasons two of our players couldn't attend, so we had to bring in some help from outside. We heard that Freddie and Cecilia from FLC was going down there, and we decided to ask them if they wanted to join forces with us. We also asked our beloved coach (and the reason that Poison Ivy exist today) Chrisopher Rønneberg to join us, and he was more than happy when we found out that he could actually play with us, and not only coach.

 So here's what happened:

Linda, Silje, Linn, Benedicte and Christopher(from Drammen Solid) left OSL wednesday evening and landed on the beautiful island of Langkawi the follwing night. We did actually get to walk the field for a while before heading to bed to get some rest before our games the next day.  
On friday we played our first game against Sydney S.W.A.T and lost 3-1. The second game was against Blade and we managed to turn the game around from 2-0 to 3-3, which we were kind of happy about.
Later on Friday we attended the royal dinner with Her Royal Highness the Princess of Kedah and got to be a part of the official opening of WCA2012.


We had three more games on Saturday, but unfortunatly our results did not improve. First we played against Raskal, and lost 2-1, second we played Nemisis Legion and lost 4-0 and last we played Datis and lost 4-2. 
This gave us a 16th place over all.. To be honest we are not very happy with our result, but there is only one thing we can do about it.. Come back next year and show everyone that we belong in the top division !

We were so honored for the opportunity to meet Her Royal Highness the Princess of Kedah before we played our second game on Saturday. We got to talk to her about WCA and our team, and how the paintball scene is in Norway. We were amazed with how graceful she was, and how interested she is in this wonderful sport. It is truly amazing to see what she and the royal family does for paintball in Malaysia. The differense from Norway is so big, lets just say that we have played paintball in Norway for seven years, and we have never met a member of theNorwegian royal family. 

Saturday night we attended the playersparty, which was awesome! We have to say that other tournaments really have something to learn from these guys when it comes to throwing a party!

On sunday we had the day off, as we didn't go through to Sunday, so we went over to the site and sold some of our jersyes and watched the finals!

We were so happy that we had a few more days on Langkawi after the event, and we really got to enjoy the sun and almost everything this beautiful island has to offer.

Thank you to Dye Paintball, PALS, AKR events, Allan Phang, Paul and Cathrine Lam, and all of the organizers of WCA.
A special thank you goes out to Freddie and Cecilia from FL Charms and Chris Smith from Drammen Solid who wanted to play with us at this event, and to all the people who helped us out at the event! STK Australia, South American Allstars, Desitiny paintball, and Sonny Lopez!


Stay tuned, a blog post about the next season is right around the corner :)

xoxo P.I.

CPS Milan 2012

We have been back from Milan some weeks now, sorry for the late blog post...

We attended the CPS in Milan from 14th -16th of september and we have to say that this is one of the best tournaments we have attended here in Europe. The site was good, even though it was small, the turf was really good, and it was an over all wonderful weekend.

We travelled to Milan on Thursday with six girls, all from Poison Ivy this time; Linda, Silje, Linn, Pia, Karoline and Benedicte. After a comfortable drive from the airport( for some of us) we found our hotel.. Friday we decided to go sightseeing in Milan. We saw everything there was to see in about 40 minutes and then we began making our way to the site by bus... To make a long story short, we ended up taking a taxi after walking around for two hours having no idea where we were :P Later that night we had a really dark, but good practice and we felt more ready to start the event Saturday morning.

Picture: Silje B. Eriksen (HyBrid Foto 1999-2012)

We had two games on Saturday,  first game against Torpedo which we won and second game was against our Norwegian friends Trondheim Dominators, that one we lost. The rest of Saturday was spent watching some games and preparing for our next game Sunday morning.


 Picture above: Benedicte Rønneberg (HyBrid Foto 1999-2012) Under: from the left: Benedicte Rønneberg, Silje B. Eriksen, Karoline Seheim, Pia A. Askevold, Linn A. Askevold.

Picture: Pia A. Askevold (HyBrid Foto 1999-2012)

Sunday we played Polybius and won, which got us through to the ''sunday club''.  In the first round we met Fun Factory..and lost.. so that was it for us. We were very disappointed in our performance .... but after a few tears we were out on the sidelines watching games and helping our friends Trondheim Dominators. And they didn't disappoint, they took 3rd, so well done guys!! As for us, we finished at a disappointing 12th place.. and I have to say that we are not very happy with that result... BUT we did get the price for ''Most beautiful team'' so it wasn't all a complete waste :P

We would like to thank Fabry and Scorpions Milan for everything they did for us while we attended the tournament, we will come back and play this event next year!! <3 Thanks to Slava for hosting the event, thanks to Hybrid Foto for good pictures, thanks to Freddie and Cecilia from FLC and everyone else that helped us out during the tournament, and last but not least thanks to Dye for amazing paint, and our awesome Reflex'. 


Next event on our schedule is World Cup Asia in Langkawi, and we are so excited!!!! The event last year was amazing and we can't wait to see everybody again!






London Masters 2012

Better late than never?

A couple of weeks ago we flew out to London to attend our first Millennium of this year..As some of you might know we have decided to focus on other tournaments this year, but it was good to be back!

Kat Secor and Katie Kelley from Team Destiny came to Norway a week prior to the event. We took them sightseeing in Oslo and they joined us at the second leg of the Norwegian paintball league, NPL. It was so much fun having them over here, and we hope they want to come back and play with us again soon! 

From the left: Karoline, Silje, Benedicte, Katie, Linda, Linn, Kat and Pia

We landed at Standsted really early on Thursday morning and made our way to Basildon. After a 3 hour wait for our hotelrooms we spent the rest of the day getting ready for Friday; walking the field, making game plans and watching other teams practice to get some good ideas.. And we felt pretty good about the next day...

The first game on Friday was against Manchester Firm 2, but after a long game we lost 3-2 with 1 second left on the clock.. Kind of unhappy about that one!  Second game was against London Defiance and we lost 3-1. On Saturday we had our last game in the preliminaries against Aggression the Hague and that was a tough game. We knew we were meeting a really good team.. and we had heard how they finished at the last two events..BUT we gave it our best and with some help from the refs we lost 4-1....( they took 1st btw..)   To sum it up, not the best tournament for us.. 

This meant that the playing unfortunately was over for us.... So we had some beers and decided to make the best of it! We spent the rest of Saturday watching games and drowning our sorrows..hehe..  it was a lot of fun watching Norway fight their way in the Nations Cup, as well as watch other Scandinavian teams do really good!

From the left: SIlje, Karoline and Linn

Even though we didn't do well at the tournament we do feel like there are some people we need to say thanks to... So thanks to everyone that helped us during the event, Thanks to Celtic for awesome paint, thanks to Dye, you guys are always great to us!! And a big thank you to Kathrine Secor and Katie Kelley for coming over to Europe and for beeing a part of our team for a week, you guys rock! (Check out their facebook page: )

We are looking forward to the rest of the season! This is going to be a great year :)

See you soon!

xoxo - Poison Ivy


NPPL HB 2012!

SO we are back from our trip to San Diego and Huntington Beach!  

We arrived Sunday night and after three different flights and more than 15 hours in the air.....!!

Monday: shopping!!!!!!! :) No big surprise there... what can I say, girls will be girls!

Tuesday: We got up early and went to Dye to get our new gear!!  We met up with Katie Kelley, Kat Secor and Bea Paxson from Destiny at Dye and got ready for practice at Camp Pendleton. Mike Paxson and Carlos from Hitmen joined our practice and  we learned so much and had a great practice.We got to play a lot  and did some talking about the upcoming tournament!  We are so used to playing on a millennium field, so to play on a field without the big M on the middle made the field seem more open . Usually the M spilts up the field and we really had to change the way we think when we play...


From the left: Bea Paxson, Linn A.Askevold, Karoline Seheim, Benedicte Rønneberg, Katie Kelley, Kathrine Secor, Silje Eriksen and Pia A. Askevold.

Wednesday: We hung out at  Dye all day, and we had a fun photoshoot with the sweetest photographer in the world! ;)

Thursday: Spent the day in the park  ;) more about that later... :P  After that we drove up to Huntington Beach and got checked in to the hotel, ate dinner and went to bed.. As always we had the first game of the day (0800) on Friday so we had to crash early! 

 Friday : We met up at the field at 0600 am  ready for a great day! Although we had one good practice with Kat, Katie and Bea, playing with three new girls is scary. And on top of that we had our newest member on poison ivy, Karoline, and this was her first big event ever(!)

We lost our first game, but we gave them a good fight. After the game we had a good talk and decided forget about the first game and focus on the next two games!  The rest of the day we met  a lot of nice people, and watched some pro games :) 

Saturday:  We played two games and both  went to overtime. We won the first one and lost the second one. But we played really good and had so much fun! And we still made it to sunday!

Sunday: Lost  the first game,  and ended up playing for 3rd place at the pro field! So much fun! It ended up being 36 seconds left on the last point and we decided to just go for it! So we tried a run through :D We gave it our best, but lost the game 3-1... oh well

After the final game on Sunday we drove back to sd and went out to a great place called duck and dive, had a blast!!

Monday= hungover, but we did take a loooong walk down to the harbour and did some more shopping.)                                                                                                                                                                                         Tuesday: we had a really early flight from San Diego to NY,  then from NY to Norway and arrived back in Norway Wednesday morning!!!!                                                                                    

Looking back at a tournament there's always things you wish you would have done differently, or things you regret doing... but overall we are really happy with our performance and we played good and fun paintball. We got to show of our team, and make sure people know that we are here to stay! Although we didn't win the tournament we had so much fun and met a lot of awesome people, and gained some really good friends! So this have been such a good experience for us.

We all agree on going  back next year and to make this trip a tradition!!   We would love to play more of NPPL or PSP, but everything depends on money, and with all of us beeing students now its not easy. 

 Big thanks to NPPL (and specially Chuck) for making this event possible for us,thanks to DYE (specially SK) for awsome gear and for our new amazing Reflex', thanks for great paint, and thanks for all the support!!! We are amazed by all the comments and ''likes'' on our fb-page!! Thanks to Bea, Katie and Kat for playing with us! :)

Go to our facebook-page for more pictures from the trip!






The Poison Ivy Reflex'

Big thanks to Dye Paintball for our new AWESOME Reflex' !!!

Silje playing with our new gun at NPPL Huntington Beach!

And here's our new beautiful jerseys!


xoxo- P.I

New face on Team Poison Ivy!!!

We are happy to announce that a new girl has joined our team!

Linda has been practicing with us during the winter and she shown us great potential  :) We are so happy she decided to join us! This season is just getting better and better!

Welcome Linda <3

xoxo- P. I

Getting ready for NPPL Huntington Beach!

Last weekend some of us had a great practice weekend at Sniper Paintball in Drammen, while two of our players helped out our good friends FL Charms at a tournament in Denmark. Here are some pictures from the the practice and the tournament in Denmark! 


SNIPER Paintball, Drammen


Silje and Karoline in the middle, in red. Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Karoline, Silje and the rest of the girls from FLC :)

We are so excited to get our season started in California! This is gonna be a really cool and a new excperience for us! Good luck to all the teams in France, and for those attending HB; can't wait to meet you all!  :) 

xoxo- Poison Ivy

Spring time in Norway!!

It looks like spring have finally arrived in Norway and that's good news for paintball! We can't wait to play some ''real'' paintball outside again, and to really get the season started!!

In less than four weeks we will arrive in California to play Huntington beach, and we are really excited!! It's gonna be so much fun, and a great experience for the whole team!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Check our our facebook page here :!/pages/Team-Poison-Ivy/257948284248640

xoxo- P. I <3

New player for 2012

 We are very happy to announce that Team Poison Ivy has a new player for the 2012 season. Karoline have been traveling with us at several tournaments during the last couple of years, and this year she decided to join the team as a player!! She have shown us a lot of motivation and potensial at practice and we are looking forward to see her grow as a paintball player! Welcome Karoline :)
Stay tuned for more news about the team!
xoxo- Poison Ivy









Team practice :)

This weekend we had a really good practice at Sniper paintball in Drammen. Late night practice Friday and really early Saturday :)

Unfortunately it's too cold (and too much snow)  in Norway during the winter-months to play outside, but we are blessed with an indoor field and reball.  It's not the same as the ''real stuff'', but good enough! This  weekend we have focused on the basic stuff ;  breakout drills, diving, sliding and preshooting and long runs to the back bunkers. We love our new Reflex?, and they work like a charm :) 

Here are some pictures from this weekend! 


xoxo- Poison Ivy <3

Big plans for 2012


We are happy to announce that we will continue as a Dye-team in 2012, and that we will be playing with some awesome Relfex?s !!

 So what about our plans for 2012?

Some of you might know that we are not playing the first round of the Millennium-series.. and the reason is that we are playing NPPL Huntington Beach, and we don?t have the money for both. But there will be some changes on our schedule this year compared to earlier years.. We will attend different events around Europe and Scandinavia instead of just playing the Millennium Series. We hope that by doing this we will develop not only as players but as a team.

One of reasons why we?re not putting all our time and money in the millennium series is because we don?t like throwing money out the window(!). With the amount of pro-players on different teams in division 2, our chances of winning the season over all are small?. We would like to actually go to an event and play teams on our level?if we wanted to play against pro-players we would probably get a spot in one of the top division..! hehe..  

We can?t wait to get started with the season and we have big hopes for the 2012! See you soon!

Lots of love from all of us on Poison Ivy <3


WCA Langkawi, Malaysia 2011

Better late than never? 

We are back from beautiful Lankawi Island! And what an adventure it was  

Poison Ivy was invited to World Cup Asia by Pals and AKR last winter, and we have been looking forward to this event all year! We were invited as the only all girl team to play in 1st divison (!).We went down to the event with Silje Eriksen, Benedicte Rønneberg, Pia A. Askevold, Linn A. Askevold and Marie Magnusson. 


We flew down on the 8th of november and after a 18 hour flight from Norway, we finally landed at Langkawi airport late on the 9th.. We were super excited to see the site and venue Thursday was spent sightseeing the mangroves, on the beautiful rivers and at a really cool fishfarm, finished of with an amazing lunch at a beautiful resort right on the beach. When we got back from our little ''adventure'', we hurried down to the site (wich was a huge indoor venue, with AC and alot of space!! ). We were amazed by the size and the level of professionalism, it was nothing like we had ever experienced before.. Thursday night we attended the royal banquet with the Princess and Sultan of Kedah, Malaysia. 

As far as the teams we were playing we had no idea what to expect..... We had five games in the preliminaries, three games on friday and two on saturday... and five players..

We started our friday with a game against LostBoyz and lost 3-1, Hustel was next and we lost 4-0. Megapolis Moscow was our first good game and we won 3-1. Saturday we played against Fei-Pi 1923 and Hostile Intensions with the results 4-0 and 2-2. So over all a pretty good preliminary round for Poison Ivy. We had no idea if we made it through to the next round.. Late on Saturday we finally knew that we made it through to Sunday! 

On Sunday played Demonz , Hostile Intensions and Reaper, we lost 3-2, 2-1 and 4-0. So that was the end of the event for us... But over all we were really happy with our playing and the result. We had fun and gave it our very best. Overall we ended on 12th place with 110 points.

Congratulations to Datis from Iran for taking 1st!

We got to meet a alot of new players from Asia, and we where amazed by all the attention we were given. We were really happy to see all the girl players over there, almost every team had a girl playing for them! It's really cool to see that more girls are discovering the awesome sport of paintball all over the world! Hopefully we were a good example for girls that it's possible to be an all girl team, and still do well in the top divison!

To all the people that helped us out it the pit (especially Adrian, Eric and Kevin ), cheered for us, and helped coaching us from the sidelines; THANK YOU! Your support means the world to us! We really hope to see all of you again next year... 

To sum it up....This is probably the best event we have ever experienced, and we have to give a big THANK YOU to WCA for giving us this amazing opportunity !We hope that we are able to come back and play WCA in 2012 !!! 

xoxo -P.I


More pictures from Paris!

So, today we got all the pictures from Hybrid Foto! Take a look and let us know if you like them! 


Xoxo- Poison Ivy <3






London Campaign Cup 2011!

Here's some pictures from London :)





Great pictures from the great Hybrid Foto :)

xoxo- P.I :)

Pictures from Millennium Paris 2011 :D

Just pictures... :P

Thursday :)

Friday :)



Saturday :)


Sunny Sunday :)

For more news and pictures, find us on facebook : Team Poison Ivy  :)

Millennium Paris Disney 2011 :)

What a weekend!!! 


It's the end of yet another season for Poison Ivy.. This was our 5th time going to Paris (disney) and we had so much fun! As we always do.

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We all flew down to paris on thursday and went straight to the site to walk the field... We knew we had really late games on friday(for a change) and maybe the possibility to be well rested before a tournament! BUT then we found out the Solid and Sabotage had early games on friday.. So no sleeping for the P.I !This weekend was filled with action for us..

For various reasons we only had five players for this event, so we knew it was going to be hard work for all of us. First game we played against London Defiance, straight of the break during the fourth point, Linn ( our snakeplayer) injured herself pretty bad, resulting in a complete stop of the ongoing point and Linn had to leave the field to get medical attention :(  London Defiance asked us if we wanted to play the point one more time, and we agreed..            After the game we realised that Linn wouldn't be able to play for the rest of the event.. So then we were four..  We lost both our games on friday and the last one on saturday..  So as you probably understand, not a good tournament for the P.I's..

BUT wait... It gets better!!! On top of the fact that we lost our snakeplayer for almost the entire event, two guns got stolen from us!!! One red DM10 and one gray/blue DM10.. and this was all in the players-area! And someone ''borrowed'' our podbag for a couple of hours, but then returned it to it's owners :P 

Solid and Sabotage both came through to Sunday, Solid ended on 9th place and Sabotage played all of Sunday and finished on a really good 4th place! We are so proud of both teams   <3


Klikk for å vise bildet i full størrelse

Klikk for å vise bildet i full størrelse

Klikk for å vise bildet i full størrelse

Klikk for å vise bildet i full størrelse



Millennium-series,MaxMasters Bitburg 2011 :)

And off we went on another adventure:) And this time to Germany, more exact Bitburg! The ones who played for us this time was : Marie Magnusson, Silje Eriksen, Linn Askevold, Benedicte Rønneberg and Morten Smith ( we felt we had to be 6 players so someone could sit a point or two, and since Pia is in Australia and Morten have played with us some times before we asked him to join us for the tournament :))

We went down to Germany with the thought that we would have fun and that we didn't have anything to loose, because 4 of us goes to university we knew that there would be alot of school and not so much paintball in the time between Paris and Germany.. We had one team practise the saturday before Germany so we could play the field one time before the event.

Linn, Silje and Benedicte drove in a really cool (and huge) car from Dusseldorf thursday night..We usually arrive on wednesdays, but some of us had our final exams off the year on wednesday and thursday.. So we didnt get to walk the field before we played...BUT we were really excited because Dye had our new custom jerseys with them this time AND new pants :)  Marie and Charlotte arrived earlier and picked up the stuff from Dye! And they where AMAZING! We loved the design and the colors and everything about them!

At this event we had 3 russian teams in our group, and we where pretty nervous about this..But this seems to be a thing for us in Germany since we had two russian teams in our group last year.. Anyways we went down to the field around 8 since Solid and Sabotage from Drammen had early games.

We had our first game later on Friday against All Russians 2 Moscow and we won the game 4-0! With only one game between our next game we ran over to the next field to played Megapolis Moscow, and we won that too 4-3 !!! :) With two wins we were SOOO excited and looked forward to the next game on saturday..

Saturday we had a pretty early game against Pautina Moscow and didn't really have our day. We lost the game 0-4... This meant that we came second in our group and where playing against Izmir Angelpark later that day!  We played Izmir in paris and knew what a strong team they are so we thought that we didn't have anything to loose and went out on the field thinking that we would give it our bes and that we didn't have anything to loose at this point! We lost the game 0-4 and thats where the event ended for us.. BUT we were really happy with how we played as a team and how we preformed at this event! This was pretty late on Saturday so we had dinner and went to sleep (!). Sunday morning Solid had a early game again and were playing finals :) So we helped them out as much as we could and they won their game :) The rest of Sunday we spent watching games and trying yo sell some jerseys :)

We had a late flight on Monday and all the preperations were made for a great party ;) The pictures tell it all!

xoxo P.I <3

Poison Ivy gets custom made jerseys from Dye !!!

And here they are :)  We can't say how happy we are to finally get our own custom made jerseys :)

The picture is small, but once we get them from Dye we will add some more pictures here for you guys to see :)

xoxo- HAPPY P.I's <3

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All female paintball team - Poison Ivy

All female paintball team - Poison Ivy

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We are one of the few all female paintball teams in Europe! Paintball is pretty new in Norway, but in the states it's actually one of the biggest extreme sports there is! We love this sport, and it's a really good way to stay in shape aswell! And the best thing: We get to shoot the guys of the field!:) We are currently ranked 2nd in our division.

Team Poison Ivy

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